The MoonPlug
is going to make your batteries life better !

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Keep your autonomy : save more than 2 hours of daily autonomy after 1 year of use.


Protect your smartphones and tablets from all chargers, car chargers and surge risks.


Extend the life of your batteries : donation and resale give a second life to your smartphones and tablets.


Do your bit for the planet by reducing the ecological impact of smartphones, tablets and their batteries.

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About MoonPlug

Connected products, that’s good…
Products connected to your needs, that’s even better !

The autonomy of our smartphones decreases with time to the point that we are then faced with an entire day without a phone ! To compensate for this lack of autonomy, strategies differ from one user to another, but almost all of us do the same « daily ritual » : recharge our smartphone at bedtime to ensure it is fully charged for the next day.

In fact, few of us know that doing this daily ritual makes things worse, as having a fully charged battery is a factor that significantly accelerates the aging of lithium-ion batteries !

Thus the desire to develop the MoonPlug was born, the first product concerned with protecting the autonomy of our smartphones and tablets, during the day as well as throughout the night whilst we are asleep. The MoonPlug transforms all chargers into connected chargers, and makes them smart through an optimized charge algorithm.

Save your batteries of smartphones and tablets in all situations :

« Your smartphone loses autonomy…
...plug in the MoonPlug and sleep peacefully 😉 ! »

About MoontainLab

In the wake of fab labs and other incubators of innovation, MoontainLab is a young startup born in Savoy in the french mountains, with this initial desire to create connected objects ... connected to our needs !

Getting out of futility and putting utility at the heart of innovation, this is the goal that the brothers behind the project MoontainLab, Benjamin and Arnaud Delaille, set themselves.

The idea is not to stop consuming, but to consume better. This ideal translates very pragmatically into three qualifying criteria for the products MoontainLab aims to develop : innovative, efficient, and eco-friendly. A quality label and a sustainable development approach that are thus in the genes of MoontainLab.

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